XPEL Paint Protection Film

Exclusive Vinyl XPEL paint protection film secures your vehicle’s paint, reducing day-to-day damages and seasonal wear-and-tear. Your car’s armor deserves the best protection possible, and our crystal-clear coating is here to stay.

Energy-Absorbent Ingredients

XPEL paint protection film is energy-absorbent. Created from polyurethane film, the protective later is digitally sculpted around your vehicle from our high-inventory database. Your car’s dimensions are catalogued, just waiting to be assisted. Each high-precision template ensures complete coverage, so your vehicle is never left without support.

XPEL paint protection film safeguards your vehicle’s paint from nicks, dings, scratches and abrasive materials. Chemical resistant, the coating similarly protects your vehicle’s factory paint from harsh cleaning products, highway air and exhaust fumes.

10 Years of Guaranteed Protection

In the automotive world, few products compare to XPEL paint protection film. By safeguarding your vehicle at every angle, XPEL paint protection reduces paint peeling, yellowing, cracking and blistering. Exclusive Vinyl understands your vehicle’s needs, and we’re dedicated to your day-to-day travels. XPEL paint protection film ensures up to 10 years of protection, ensuring your vehicle’s prime look, feel and—of course—its durability.

XPEL is 100-percent safely removable. Applied directly atop your vehicle’s factory paint, XPEL molds to your car’s ins and outs, adapting to vehicle modifications, irregular angles and even misshapened edges. Far more advanced than leading alternatives, XPEL paint protection film is adaptable.

XPEL Ultimate and XPEL Stealth

Exclusive Vinyl offers both XPEL Ultimate and XPEL Stealth paint protection options. XPEL Ultimate is one of the industry’s leading conventional paint protection films available, delivering a high-grade clear coat capable of preventing paint discoloration with unprecedented capabilities. XPEL Stealth, meanwhile, packs an elite, self-healing ingredient base delivered in a satin finish. Preserving your car’s showroom appearance, XPEL Stealth is easily maintainable and resistant to damage.

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