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At Exclusive Vinyl, your vehicle’s details are our priority.

Located in Albertson, Long Island, NY we’ve engaged drivers with professional vinyl wrapping for years. By prepping all services, we ensure the industry’s top-notch materials are used. Exclusive Wrap covers both interiors and exteriors, enhancing your ride from the inside out.


Your Style Comes First

We cover scratches, dents and everything in between. Unlike popular alternatives, Exclusive Vinyl takes a tight approach to flexibility. Your Vinyl Wrap is easily applied, and it can be easily swapped and removed. Your color is always a priority, and a vinyl coating’s removal will never damage your vehicle’s factory paint.

High Durability

Your Vinyl Wrap protects your vehicle for the long run, lasting up to 10 years. Within 24 to 48 hours of a placed order, Exclusive Vinyl can outfit your ride. The setup lasts between two and five days, but the results last for a decade. Once the car is finished, you’ll be ready to ride in style.

Our Leading Options

Exclusive Vinyl offers a wide array of parts and kits for your convenience. If a Vinyl Wrap job isn’t enough, our huge variety of decorative and performance-based upgrades are available. Check out our parts department, and take advantage of our incomparable selection of bumpers, lips, spoilers and side skirts.

Exclusive Vinyl has been in the industry for years, and our services prioritize the vehicle owner’s interests to succeed where other providers fall flat. We work on exotic cars, and our intuitive technicians offer unbeatable services. Our fast, safe services make sure you’re where you need to be: on the road.

Contact us today, and let us take care of your ride. All Vinyl Wrap jobs look like real paint, and every project is double-checked for bubbles, striations and other markings. No job is left without perfection. Exclusive Vinyl wants to give back to its customers, outfitting the cars responsible for its fame.


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