Clear Bra New York

Exclusive Vinyl offers an uninvasive, comprehensive paint protection solution for its New York drivers. XPEL Paint Protection Paint, or clear bra protection paint, is an invisible layer which fortifies your vehicle. Your car’s finish might be pristine, but it’s also vulnerable. Don’t let your prized possession get scuffed, scratched or chipped. Rely on Exclusive Vinyl’s clear bra services, and let us whip your New York ride into shape.

Long-Lasting, Durable & Secure

Every clear bra coat offers up to 10 years of guaranteed protection. Your paint protection film is easily removable, and it’s gentle on your vehicle’s factory paint. Capable of boosting your car’s protection, your vehicle’s clear bra coating maximizes long-term safety while safeguarding your vehicle against cracking, peeling, blistering and yellowing. The market’s other protective films are less advanced, and they’re often susceptible to damage over time, wear-and-tear and poor cosmetic support.

Contact us today, and ask about your vehicle’s options. Again, your car’s every angle is covered. We’re ready to boost your ride’s protection, and our specialized technicians are ready to boost your vehicle’s outstanding appearance while protecting it for years to come.

Custom Protection, Every Time

Your vehicle’s clear bra job secures a crystal-clear, energy-absorbent finish capable of maximizing your car’s protection. The energy-absorbent polyurethane film is highly protective, and it’s cut from a massive library of high-precision templates. Because the clear bra cote is computer cut, it’s specific to your vehicle. You deserve customization, and your car’s protection isn’t exclusive to pre-rendered options.

Regardless of your vehicle’s customizations, Exclusive Vinyl can fortify it. Whether you’re a New York city cruiser, a neighborhood driver or a cross-country roadster, your clear bra protection has you covered. Safely bonded to your vehicle’s otherwise vulnerable surfaces, your paint protection film secures every angle, every side and every surface. Your car is never left without awesome security.

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