Everglass coating

Your vehicle’s surface deserves protection. Exclusive Vinyl Everglass coating secures your car’s metal from harsh materials, supplying a solid, nanoceramic film guaranteed to fortify your every inch. Weather-resistant, scratch-resistant and wash-resistant, Everglass coating carries a pronounced hydrophobic, oleophobic effect to make sure your surfaces are safe while remaining washable.

Long-Lasting, Durable and Highly Resistant

Everglass coating reaches a higher standard of protective coating. In the automotive world, few products compare to the customization, ease of application and incredible protection offered by Exclusive Vinyl’s options. Everglass coating carries a high chemical resistance, safeguarding your vehicle from harsh cleaning products, day-to-day debris, highway fumes and more.

Lasting for three years, Everglass coating is only removed following a highly specific abrasive polishing application. The coating is self-cleaning, taking care of dirt, dusk, debris and other materials. Exclusive Vinyl offers two types of Everglass:

Everglass Platinum ProCoat

This selection offers professional protection via a nanoceramic coat. Adaptable to most vehicles, Everglass Platinum ProCoat is your go-to option for consistent protection, multi-year support and ease of application.

Everglass TopCoat

Protect your vehicle from harsh rain, snow and ice with Everglass TopCoat. The hydrophobic coat adds a shiny effect, keeping your vehicle looking respectable while supplying maximum protection. At every angle, Everglass TopCoat ensures sustainable weather resistance.

Everglass coating options are hand-applied, so as to ensure ease of application, customization and ultimate protection. With a minimum durability of three years, each Everglass option sustains your vehicle’s security across all seasons. Purchase a full vinyl wrap job, and receive an Everglass protection later for 40 percent off. Durable, sustainable and unbreakable, Everglass coating offers the high-standard protection your vehicle needs. Exclusive Vinyl takes your car’s protection to the next level, ensuring your its long-lasting security through sun, rain and snow. Contact us today, and pick out the best Everglass option available.

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