Vehicle Vinyl Wrap

Paint protection needn’t be exclusive to shoddy, bad colors. Exclusive Vinyl offers in-depth vehicle Vinyl Wrap services, keeping your car slick, slim and ready for action. Our Vinyl Wrap options are accessible alongside our car customization services, paint protection film options, clear bra coats and other options. Wherever you go, Exclusive Vinyl ensures your car is looking great.

A New, Unique Look

Vinyl wrapping your vehicle can redefine its presence. It’s a quick process, and it protects your vehicle’s original paint. By covering all scratches, minor dents and chipped paint, your Vinyl Wrap job maximizes your car’s look, feel and protection. Vinyl Wraps can be quickly swapped, giving you full control over your car’s look, feel and presentation. Exclusive Vinyl has a wide array of Vinyl Wrap colors, so you’re never left without options.

Quick, Long-Lasting Solutions

Your Vinyl Wrap job lasts over 10 years, and it’s applicable within 48 hours. Once your order has been placed, service begins. Exclusive Vinyl is ready to work on your vehicle, and our experienced technicians can make sure your vehicle is 100-percent cared for. All projects are finished quickly as possible to get our drivers back on the road in their new, hot colors.

Make an appointment today, and check out our premium line of unique colors. Our inventory stocks the industry’s latest, greatest finishes, pairing every spectrum color with a sleek touch. Exclusive Vinyl has empowered its drivers for years, outfitting their vehicles with awesome amenities, custom options, protection films and coatings. Our services are expansive, and each Vinyl Wrap job is custom-tailored to your vehicle, your add-ons, your style and your ride’s protection needs. Cover the minor scratches, revitalize your vehicle and take charge with Exclusive Vinyl options today.

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